Timothy Sparks and Bonaventura House Music join forces! We're happy to welcome him in our musical family and eagerly await all the awesome projects in the future.

Bonaventura Music Group CEO Tibor-Endre Bordas visited TBA – Phonag Records AG and met Yasmine Bucher at their offices in Zurich, Switzerland.

Be sure to check out “House Things Can Happen Vol. 2”. Nick Nyrow adds his personal touch on this compilation with his track “Sometimes Better in Paradise”. Out now!

Bonaventura® Music Group CEO Tibor-Endre Bordas visited music producer Murat Böyük Pilavci aka Deft Bonz in his recording studio Stardustmedia in Switzerland.

DJ Lignin's first Bonaventura® City release “Let's Party” is now available on all popular platforms! Quality techno made in Germay. Bonaventura® City is a new division of Bonaventura® Music Group.